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Website Design and Development for Local SMB’s – Ten Tips for SEO and SEM in 2011

Google has stated that while they acknowledge that the local business website has been pushed down the page by Google Places, never-the-less the SMB website will be more important than ever in the internet marketing strategy for small business who depend on local traffic. Here are ten tips, some new, some old, on how to optimize your visibility on Google and Bing searches in 2011.1. Ditch your current URL. That is, unless you’ve already made a keyword rich URL. No one is going to remember your URL even if its really cute, so take advantage of the known fact that Google considers the words in your URL to be very, very important for ranking. SpringfieldWeddingCakes.com is better than BobbyJoesOven.com.2. Title Tags are so critical and so easy, but so often the title of a website is Home. For best results use all 64 characters that Google will show on search. Separate ideas with vertical posts. Springfield Wedding Cakes | birthday cakes | bakery would be the form.Title Tags should be different on ever page. Again, this is a simple thing to accomplish by some amateurs and all developers. Creating appropriate Title Tags requires some analysis. Putting them in place shouldn’t cost more than $3 per page.3. Description Tags are similarly easy and important. It isn’t clear whether the keywords in the description tag matter to Google. What is clear is that they will use your description as the content in search results. So the description needs to sell something. Concentrate on words and ideas that will create action. You get about 125 characters to tell your story.

4. Contact information can have its own page as searchers are used to going to such a page. But your phone number should almost always be large and prominent on your home page. You may want to put a contact email on your front page also. For Google Places, you should create a name, address, and phone number block at the bottom of the home page. Even better, put this block on ever page. This is a confirmation to Google Places that your identifying information on the Google Places listing is true and correct. Make sure it is the same in both places.5. Social Networking Links should be under the spot where your phone number appears in that prominent place mentioned above. Use the thumbnail logos and link to your blog, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, and Linked In. You may want to go further and provide a Twitter feed on your home page, or a request to “Like your Fan Page.” If your blog is active and informative, make a bigger deal about the link to the blog.6. Google Preview changes your front page graphic strategy. If you haven’t tried it yet, go to a local business search term like bike shop. You will see a little magnifying glass next to the listings. If you click on the magnifying glass you will get a small thumbnail version of the website. As you move your cursor down the page you will see the other website thumbnails opening up.This new tool makes the front page of your website similar to packaging in a retail store. The searcher can take a 2 second look at your website and decide if this is what he wants. This instead of actually clicking to the website and taking the time to see if it is delivering the information desired.Does your current front page meet the 2 second test… in miniature? Best is a large bold headline telling your story in 20 characters, a great graphic creating an emotional reason to visit, and evidence that there is serious content, and all this needs to be experienced by the searcher in that two seconds.7. Conversion is the new buzzword. But far more than a buzzword. What good does it do to get a potential client to your website and not create an action on their part. Most website designers are not marketers, and they will concentrate on making a beautiful brochure that will help sell their services to the next client. You need to make sure that SEO, SEM, and conversion are part of the finished product.Use social network links, forms, large phone numbers, and calls to action. Create special offers, white papers, or ebooks to encourage visitors to leave their emails.

8. Google still cares more about content than any other thing. If you want to be the expert in your business category in your hood, then you need to prove it to Google. Create 15, 20, 30 pages of content. Link the content on internal pages to the front page within the main text. More than any other single thing, massive content will drive you to the top of search.9. If trust is an issue, such as doctors, lawyers, and other professionals, create a YouTube video and embed in your front page. Nothing will create more trust than a YouTube video. They get to see you in person. When creating the video pay more attention to authenticity than to professional videography.10. Use every SEO tool in the book. You need backlinks. The more the better. But good backlinks are from reputable sources that are relevant to your business. Purchased backlinks can help, but should be the back up plan. Submit your website to search engines and directories.Certainly there are many more things that could be said. The goal of this article has been to zero in on the elements of websites that are currently being overlooked or that are new development in the ways that Google or Bing look at search.

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Tips to Accept the Appropriate Mover and Packer If you wish to backpack the best affair is to acquisition hassle-free ways. If it comes to movers and packers in Dubai, there are a lot of options available. Learning from the mistakes of others enables you to accept the appropriate account that fits your needs. Afore you appoint anyone to move and backpack your things, it is best to accept some things in mind. This way you will be able to blow simple and be able to go to the data you may contrarily overlook. A mover can accomplish a lot of reviews from added customers. There could be bags of acknowledgment from added customers. But you charge to apprehend some of them could be fake. Be acute if it comes to account the reviews and be able to acquaint which ones are absolute and which ones are not. It is best to acquisition a acceptable website so will be assured in accepting alone genuine, user-generated reviews. If you are not able to see abundant on the Internet, just accumulate on account what added humans accept been saying. It will advice if you are able to collaborate with the accepting authoritative the analysis so you can ask added question. There are bags of affected reviews that can calmly mislead a chump like you. Might as able-bodied acquisition a acceptable account that you can visit. This is appealing huge if it comes to interaction. It is best to accept a packer and mover that has a annex area you are traveling to end up. This absolutely can affluence the alteration action and accomplish things easier for everybody. Accomplish abiding you accept a chat with the movers and packers. Accepting a nice advice can advice a lot if it comes to the ambit of casework accepting offered. Spend time alive the account afore you adjudge to appoint them. It is no acceptable to blitz into things.

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It is a astute move to apperceive what the hidden costs if any afore you accomplish the accommodation to appoint the service. Prevent any bill shock by ensuring you accept all the fees you charge to pay afore you are able to get their service. Many movers and packers may admit hidden fees that will alone advance to frustration. Ask for the allowance action if you are searching to bang a accord with the mover. It is best to apperceive your furnishings will be accepting the allowance in case of an accident. Accepting the accord of apperception enables you to accept the things relocated after accepting to feel any hassle.

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Add-on casework can be a acceptable affair if you charge them. Some movers and packers may be alms accumulator service. This is accessible abnormally with some being you may not wish to put in the new place, but too important to dispose. Accepting the accumulator advantage will accord you abundant adaptability and about-face out to accept a smoother move to addition location.

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Making The Most Of The Best Summer Camps In California The accompaniment of California offers a lot of admirable beaches for humans to adore for their summer camps. Biking guides accept aswell acclaimed that some of the best summer affected activities in California may action daytime bout and stay, there are even added agitative breadth that can accommodate the best of camping and brief break for everyone. Read through this commodity to apperceive the places and the best summer affected locations and parks in California calm with the best affection and highlights of those places. From the wonders of Northern California, Central California to the architect in Southern California, this commodity will accord hints on the best summer camps in the arena that you can all appointment and enjoy. The Summer Affected Sites In Northern California For those searching for something abundant about their summer camps, they can getting exploring the Northern allotment of the accompaniment from the Clam Bank County Esplanade just south of Little River Accompaniment Bank and arctic of a destination accepted as Eureka. Right by the beach, visitors are accustomed to set up camps in this breadth accepted as Clam Bank County Park. This bank esplanade offers aggregate from aeroplane flying, camping, fishing, beachcombing, clamming, architecture bank castles and added to just accepting a adequate atmosphere for the accomplished ancestors and for all ages.

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Abreast the Prairie Creek Redwoods Accompaniment Esplanade is addition destination for summers in California, alleged the Gold Bluff Beach. This Gold Bluff Bank is a bivouac that is allotment of the amplitude of dunes forth the admirable miles-long aureate beach. This campground, the Gold Bluff Beach, is amid amid the amplitude of the Pacific Ocean and a admirable thickly covered abundant accepted as the Redwoods. From Eureka, the Gold Bluff Bank is amid about 50 afar north.

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Addition abundant summer area is accepted as the Westport-Union Landing Accompaniment Bank that offers about three afar of asperous but admirable coastline. Visitors can adore hundreds of summer affected sites in this California Westport-Union Landing Accompaniment Bank that oversees the Pacific Ocean. Arctic of Fort Bragg, biking 100 afar to ability Westport-Union Landing Accompaniment Beach. Discover Central California One of the things that you can yield summer camps in California is to appointment Half Moon Bay Accompaniment Beach, that can action coastlines characterized by getting advanced and sandy. If you wish to accept assorted activities accessible for you, Half Moon Bay Accompaniment Bank offers areas for a lot of biking, fishing, picnicking, hiking and camping. The Half Moon Bay Accompaniment Bank is abreast the San Francisco Bay Area. You can aswell try branch over to Manresa Accompaniment Bank for your summer camps.